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The band was formed in the middle of 2003. Elena and Sylvia played together in Aspersores, after the band broke up they decided to continue and start a new band. Soon Michelle joined playing bass, but still we were looking for lyrics. The main idea was to form a girl band, but we couldnÆt find anyone so Michelle took the lyrics and we were now looking for a bassist.
Sylvia, Elena and Michelle were making songs and playing covers. Carlos joined the band in 2004 and so now we started on the rehearsals, but still we need a name. After a long decision we picked Drama, Carlos came up with the name because of an L7 song.
On october 9th, 2004 Drama played for the first time in barcelona with some local bands in a presentation gig for Clitocore zine made by Michelle and Elena. The gig tryed and the zine is trying to claim the union between boys and girls in hardcore scene, cause eventhough is an open mind scene in appereance, itÆs still full of sexism.
We play hardcore/punk/metal, we listen to many different kinds of music, so the result is a mixture of fast and rabid sounds such as figure four or walls of Jericho -or so they say-.